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Friday, June 5, 2009

WHEW! What a month it has been!

MAY 29, 2009
Bubba wow, it is hard to believe you are nine!  You have matured so much this year, you have grown 4.5 inches in just this year and started wearing deodorant... you are smart and spirited and you were so lucky to get your daddy's funny sense of humor!  You always have a sparkle in your eye and a hop in your step!  You love anything that is a show, Wrestling, plays, rock stars... things so out of the ordinary!  You collect comic books and pokeman cards, you are still bugging us to take you to see Star Trek and Wolverine.  Your birthday list was great you wanted a world Atlas, church clothes, the Guinness Book of World Records, Comics, action figures, and Karate classes!  You can recite tag lines and sing just about any song, you hate the thought of being out and about but you love it when you are in the moment... you are a homebody just like your dad!  Your favorite ride at Disneyland this year was Tower of Terror go figure as you are immensely afraid of heights!  You rode the Matterhorn for the first time and hated every minute of it, but proud of you for giving it a try!  Star Wars and Indiana are on the tops of your list it makes me think you are a throw back kid from the 80's  and boy you LOVE video games and watching Chuck and Smallville with your B.O.P (buddy ole pal) Daddy!  You are always asking for your sleepovers with Grandma and Peepaw!  Great smile every day I look forward to it!  BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL....BEAUTIFUL BOY!
Here is Kaidyn STANDING around!
Kaidyn 9 mos today (pic taken May 14th)
YEAH FOR SOFTBALL!!! Camryn and Julia loved the season!
Devyn and her kitchen see that smile you can just tell how much she loves it!
Auntie Katie and CJ relaxing before the moment!

Look at that mulitasker she can do her job and carry my bouquet to!
Me and my first girl, she is my shadow and my special friend!

Clearly I am a little lax when it comes to keeping this baby up to date!  I always have great ideas but it is getting the pictures onto the computer and processed through photo shop that takes the time!  We have done so much this month it is hard to even keep track of it all!  We had Auntie Katie's Wedding this month! Woohoo!  What a blessed even that was, she married Uncle Brandon Munroe (who Bubba says "if he is my uncle how come I dont see the family resemblance???) I was the Matron of Honor and CJ was the flower girl and Katie was BEAUTIFUL!!
Camryn finished softball this month, it was a great run and she had a super fantastic time!  She showed a little bit of natural talent for the game and has decided she most definitely wants to do it again next year and play 8u which is kid pitch and everything!  I secretly think she really liked the pink socks her team wore this year!  Camryn starts her summer basketball league this Saturday, she is very excited!  
Kaidyn is STANDING!! All by herself!  What a little joy she has been!  She is pulling herself up on everything being a regular Grabby Gus, and now all of the doors have to be closed when she is on the prowl in the house...EVERYTHING GOES INTO HER MOUTH...EVERYTHING EWWWW how I hate that little baby habit! 
Devonator, Marley is out of town right now... her first time a WHOLE  week away from mommy!  She went with Grandma to San Jose to see Auntie Marie and brighten her world a little bit!  Auntie Marie is fighting Leukemia right now and Devyn really has a unique relationship with her!  My mom said when she got off the plane yesterday she ran yelling "AUNTIE OLGA" (my aunt's name is Maria Olga) and gave her a BIG OLE HUG! What a sweet thing!  So yeah I miss her already!
So Brenden turned 9 this month...NINE!  I still remember showing the peanut looking sonogram to Kevin when I found out I was pregnant with the little dude!  Who knew our life would be completely changed from that moment on!  As listed above all of the other stuff that guy is easy, but at the same time very difficult.... stubborn when wrong but so gracious to others, handsome without having a clue, and absolutely funny and smart!  How blessed were we NINE years ago!
On the Warrior news we are having a little reunion on June 18th yeah!  Get the info from me!
On the Monarch front we had 3 girls make the USA 16u team, they come home today!  They have been in Colorado for a couple of weeks practicing and will leave in August to go compete against other countries!  What an honor, what a reward, how amazing!
I have plenty more pics in the bank to post soon and some good upcoming thoughts... just thought I would throw together a quick up date!!!
Until then...
Be happy and smile often!
Christine or Coach Collins 


  1. I loved all the pictures of the kids, Christine!!! I cannot believe that Brendan is 9...remember my mom babysitting him when he was so little :) You are right, Brendan is the sweetest boy and always the gentleman. If he hasn't seen Star Trek yet, maybe Stephen and I can take him...we haven't seen it either! Also, I heard from Stephen's co-worker (Derek Mitchell) that Camryn is quite the baller!! Not surprised :) Love ya!